Review Simmons 22 MAG 4X32 Rimfire Rifle Scopes w/ Rings Best Rating

Price Save 18% from $59.39 to $48.99
93.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Simmons 22 MAG 4X32 Rimfire Rifle Scopes w/ Rings
2-Simmons 22 MAG 4X32 Rimfire Rifle Scopes w/ Rings
3-Simmons 22 MAG 4X32 Rimfire Rifle Scopes w/ Rings

  • PROS
  • Holds zero
  • includes rings
  • Clear solid holds zero
  • Bright, clear picture
  • good visibilty, good clairty at long range
  • light weight
  • Clear optics.
  • Bright optics
  • Excellent bang for your buck
  • Low cost, High Performance
  • Great scope for the price
  • Affordable, bright
  • Very easy on the eye and focus,also lite.
  • CONS
  • canted reticle
  • Solid 4 power
  • Not quite as sharp as I would like

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Josiah - Add Reply

A remarkably good value. Eye relief is long and forgiving. 4 power is trim and light, plenty for 22 rimfires. I put one on my Ruger 10/22 sporter and liked it so much, put another on my Marlin bolt action 22 magnum rimfire. In both cases, the scopes worked well, shooting nice groups. I like the 50 yard parallax for rimfires. Pros: Accurate, clear, easy to adjust, large eyebox Cons: Not super sharp or bright

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Kiel - Add Reply

a very nice scope for the money Pros: price, clarity, easy to zero and use Cons: none noted

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Nathanael - Add Reply

I should start by saying that this scope is definitely not a good scope. It is just good considering the price. More money certainly buys you more scope quality just about every time. Having said that, if you are on a very tight budget, or are just looking for the most bare bones and lightweight scope for a knockaround rifle, this could very well be your best choice. I bought one to try out on a cheap air rifle for my girlfriend to shoot. It held up well, and I feel like the image quality was better than one should expect for under under $50. The quick focus eye piece was a little wobbly, but I was able to shim it with a small strip of vinyl tape. The included rings are actually fairly decent as long as it is just going on a rimfire (with a grooved receiver). The image clarity, brightness, field of view, and color rendition are all quite acceptable for the price. Flare is well controlled compared to some scopes that cost quite a bit more. Tracking was actually quite good. The crosshairs are not level with the turrets. If you plan to make lots of clicks to adjust for distance or wind, you will have to level the turret and have a canted reticle. Since this is a cheap, low-powered scope, I decided to mount the scope with the reticle level, and the turrets canted. I chose this route because for this type of scope, I will just hold over for distance, and use kentucky windage. The scope has held zero without issue on a WASR-10 and a 10/22. In short, if you just need... Read More...

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Marcel - Add Reply

Excellent scope for the money, bright, clear optics and easy to install. I just wish it was made in the USA instead of China, but oh well, I'm not sure you can get a US made scope at this price point. Pros: Quality, ease of installation, features Cons: None for the money

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Cody - Add Reply

I was looking for a scope for my 10/22 Ruger Takedown due to encountering problems with seeing the targets at an Appleseed shoot(I have to face the fact that my eyes aren't good anymore). I didn't want to break the bank due my wife complaining about the money spent on my firearms. The rifle is used as a recreational rifle and not a competition or hunting rifle, so spending a bunch of money for a good scope wasn't a priority. After browsing the many options, I decided the silver model was a good match for my stainless Ruger, from an aesthetic point of view I feel this was a good choice. The scope is a slightly different sheen and shade but overall it looks pretty good. The scope from a performance point of view is really what I was after, this scope has good clarity at all magnification settings. I have put 200 rounds downrange with no issues. The only thing I would recommend is better scope rings. The rings that come with it are not well suited for the supplied rail that Ruger includes with the rifle, at this price point though you should be able to justify the price for better rings.

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Moriah - Add Reply

I have owned a couple of these before. They left with the rifles they were on that were sold. I have two now. For rimfire rifles, these are perfect. The adjustments are consistent, the clarity is the best, and they are very bright. I just purchased a CZ in .22 Magnum that came with a Burris rimfire scope but it was not fuzzy beyond 20 yards and not so bright. So I sold that expensive Burris and bought a Simmons scope as a replacement. Local dealers tell me which scopes they get returns on and which ones they rarely see fail. Simmons do not fail as often as some "top name" brands.

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Preston - Add Reply

This scope is mounted on a Ruger 10/22. It works great for hunting squirrel and just plinking. It is a really good aid for aging eyes that do not do well with iron sights anymore. Currently, I have three of these scopes mounted on various different 22's and have had good success with all of them. Happy Hunting and Plinking.

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Isac - Add Reply

Good solid optic I personally have on my Ruger 10/22. It's clear easy to sight in and it holds zero pretty well. It's great for Rabbit squirrel and groundhogs as well as plinking with friends and family.

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Wilmer - Add Reply

I wanted a small scope to put on my Browning ATD that would not look out of place, but would still provide good value at a reasonable price. I have used Simmons scopes in the past and found this one to be equally good. Holds zero, good optics, what more do you want. Pros: Very good scope for the money. Cons: Replaced the dovetail base rings.

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Alek - Add Reply

Follow the few instructions, dial it in and started plinking. Pros: Easy to set up and dial in Cons: none

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David - Add Reply

This is a good quality scope for use on 22 rifles in general. The scopes usually available for 22 rifles are usually pretty low quality. It is better to upgrade to this scope as it is reasonably priced as well. Since I t specified for 22 Magnum rounds, it will last for years on a 22 long rifle. The silver one mounted perfectly on my stainless Ruger 10/22.

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Zander - Add Reply

Scope was as described in the ad. Is a great addition for my 10/22. I have not sighted it in yet, but the windage and elevation adjustments are very crisp and seem to work as advertised. I will know when I sight it in. For the price you cannot beat this scope. The scope beats the iron sights hands down.

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Darrick - Add Reply

A great scope for the money, looks nice and when I got it dialed it it says right on, I'd buy another! Pros: Cheap, clear, easy to install Cons: adjustments are not the best but holds zero just fine!

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Edmond - Add Reply

Very simple purchase, just what I was looking for. Price can't be beat either. Pros: all good Cons: none

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Aiden - Add Reply

Installed in minutes on a Henry 22mag - was ready out of the box. Not really a downside for its intended use. Price was right, packaging was great. Sure, you could pay more - there are many more powerful scopes - but why would you?

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Kelton - Add Reply

Was initially hesitant to go with fixed power scope, but glad I went with this one. It is a bright and clear picture with good reticle picture. This reticle makes target acquisition easy. Good rings make attachment nice and quick and very solid.

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Oliver - Add Reply

As the model said, 22MAG Rimfire, this scope is perfect for .22LR rifle only, if you want to put it in AR-15 or something similar then I do not recommend it. If you want some thing for recreation shooting, plinking, just for fun with low price, and for the range of 10-50 yards, then this is the scope for you. The scope came with dove tail mounts. I mounted and checked out this scope on three difference rifles:Ruger 10-22 (you need weaver mounts), Marlin-60 and Henry lever H001. All three give me the same result. With the reasonable (low) price I bought another one, same model difference color.

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Abraham - Add Reply

I absolutely love this scope. I had quite a bit of trouble adjusting both wind-age and elevation. The next day the scope fell off of my 10/22. After mounting it again (this time correctly), it sighted in in about three minutes or so. It works VERY WELL! I'm able to put ten rounds in about the size of a quarter or less at 125 feet (58 + yards) and I don't consider myself a great shooter. (But, the people with whom I compete do.) How can one go wrong just don't lose the receipt since it has a life time guarentee.

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Ari - Add Reply

price is right. free shipping on most. in fact, i have two more scopes on order with you now. i'm a satisfied customer. Pros: looks very good on my rifle, good .22 scope Cons: NONE

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Bernhard - Add Reply

The scope was what I expected and has been placed on a Ruger 10/22. Sighting in was a breeze and the grandsons think it is fun busting 10s on the targets. The rings that came with the scope were easy to setup on the 10/22 and alignment was quick. The view through the scope is clear and crisp and the adjustment to make it for individual's eyes was also easy. This scope was a good bargain and was on sale at a better price than I could get locally.

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Mike - Add Reply

i now have six of these scopes on each of my target guns. for the price, you simply can not find a better scope. i shoot 25 and 50 meter target shooting and i have found the 4x is perfect for my [old] eyes. and for the price....where you going to do better???

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Everett - Add Reply

I had a gunsmith set up my 75 year old Rem 87A (was my grandpas, my intro to shooting). He put on mounts, and a higher set of rings was needed to clear the bolt. He and other gun lovers were very impressed with the brightness on the scope (and how nice everything looks and works). Pros: great value Cons: somewhat basic

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Ramon - Add Reply

Scope looks really good. The rings that came with it were on the small side, but no biggy.

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Cristopher - Add Reply

Great scope for the money. I've used Simmons scopes on other rifles and have been pleased with all of them. This one comes with rings so it makes an even better value. I'm sure I'll buy more in the future.

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Emanuel - Add Reply

Installed this on a Ruger 10-22, SS with light varmint target barrel. Great look for the SS on the gun. Best feature is the easily adjusted eye piece for individual eyes. Made having multiple shooters at the range easy to adjust for each shooter. Easy to install and large tab on sight adjustments made that very easy. Great product.

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Dominic - Add Reply

This Simmons rimfire scope fits my Ruger 10/22 perfectly. I zeroed it in with about 20 rounds at 50 yards. Next 10 were within 2" of bull's-eye. Price of scope was very reasonable, around $41. The silver finish matches the SS barrel and receiver of my rifle. Yes, I would buy this scope again. Pros: Large aperture, included rings work fine, stable mounting. Cons: None

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Jerry - Add Reply

Great scope for the price. Easy to mount and easy to sight in. It is the perfect scope for my Ruger 10/22. Highly recommended to all!

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Quentin - Add Reply

I have not had a chance to use these yet but look to be of very good quality,I would not hesitate to purchase these again.i would also recommend these scopes to anyone looking for a nice scope at a reasonable price.

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Cullen - Add Reply

I bought this to replace a 3/4 tube 4X that came with my Marlin .22 semi-auto. What a difference this Simmons scope has made.I can hold my head back farther and see a lot more.I wear glasses so this scope is a real boon for me. I bore sighted the scope and as of yet have not shot it at the range, but I shall do so shortly. From what I have seen so far this scope will do the job just fine. As usual great price and fasttt delivery from Optics Planet. Pros: Good field of view. Good eye relief. Cons: None noted as of yet

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Josue - Add Reply

Put this on a vintage pre-1968 Marlin Glenfield 75 carbine in 22LR with Weaver 3/8" dovetail rings and it printed a ragged hole at 25 yards. The focus ring is convenient and fast and the optics were clear and bright. It is waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof. I owned many Simmons scopes over the years and they have never been a disappointment; this scope is no exception. For any rimfire rifle this is a great scope at a reasonable price. Would buy again in a heartbeat.

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Perry - Add Reply

I like the fact that the scope body is one piece. Less chance of moisture getting in it. The clarity is very good. The rings are a joke though. I purchased seperate rings from Academy Sports. Pros: Good clarity, Light weight Cons: chincy rings

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Austin - Add Reply

Great bang for the buck. It's nice and clear, even it high light you can still see the recticle.

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Martin - Add Reply


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Federico - Add Reply

Standard Ruger 10-22 Stainless, Butler Creek stock, Volquartsen Hammer/Trigger and springs. Good ammo, not specifically "Match". Two five shot groups, from bench rest, in 1" at 25 yards. Getting ready to sell to a father for his children. I am confident I have a good package for him. If you can't hit the target, it just might be you. Practice. This is by far the least expensive scope I own. I am not cost constrained but am pleased with the results I have had with this scope. Plus it looks cool on the stainless Ruger.

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Seth - Add Reply

Excellent for the money

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Irving - Add Reply

The 22 Mag riflescope is ideal for .22 rimfire rifles for use in casual and/or small game hunting. I use mine for shooting grouse and ptarmigan. The scope is well built. The optics are amazingly bright. This scope is really an incredible value!

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Horace - Add Reply

I just bought a couple of these Simmons 4X32s. My Marlin is punching clover leafs at 25 yds. I'm very happy with that. I can't wait to see what my Savage does with it. The Glass is clear. The accuracy is there. No complaints with the scope and a great price.

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German - Add Reply

Great product har to beat the price for a rimfire scope with the quality of this one.

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Jaycee - Add Reply

This is the best little rim fire scope for the money. It is a fixed 4 power but perfect for target shooting and small pest control. The price and service, from Optic Planet can not be beat. I priced this scope from my local Gander Mt. store and the price was more than doubled and out of stock. Optic Planet shipped the next day. I love and have used their return policy. absolutely untouchable customer service. Optic Planet is my first search when I need an item they sale. Great scope and above average customer service.

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Caesar - Add Reply

I have seen these around and heard good things -- not an heirloom or anything, just a good basic plinking scope -- so I got one for a new 10/22. So far, so good after one range session, we'll see how it holds up over time.

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Lloyd - Add Reply

awesom optics rear clearity zero adjustment is great if you wear glasses or contacts don't need them to shoot any more and for my 22 its perfect accurate up to onehundred yards and for 2 scope that's pretty impressive

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Jamey - Add Reply

So far I am enjoying this 4x32 .22 mag scope, I've had issues with two other scopes (barska) having the cross hairs turning but this scope is suppose to address that as I understand and while I generally shoot 100 yards or less with my 17 hmr I believe with the focus design it will serve me well. Time will tell after all the barska scopes got a five star from me after the first few weeks but after about 1 1/2 - 2 years the poor quality starts showing and I really hope I can come back in two years and continue giving this Simmons five stars. Its lite that's great, its clear, its easy to focus and get on target and so far holding tight on sighting however the rings won't work on my my marlin 17 hmr but I used the ones off the useless barska 17 hot Magnum.

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