Gerber Sport Axe and Sheath

Gerber Sport Axe is a medium axe made for flexibility. The Gerber Sporting Axe gives you that sense of satisfaction that comes with swinging a simple, no-nonsense axe. This hatchet axe is balanced and weighted for efficient impacts. Each Gerber axe sports a forged stainless steel axe head, with blade edge retention that'll have people talking. The glass-filled nylon axe handle of the Gerber Gear Sport Axe is all but impossible to damage, let alone break. This midsize axe from Gerber is ideal for campers, backpackers, hikers, rafters and other outdoor sportsmen who require functional but compact tools.

At Gerber, the guiding principle is "Fend For Yourself". The GerberGear selection of tools includes axes, saws, knives, shovels and spades of every description, from brush trimmers to splitting axes. Gerber camping gear includes flashlights and other outdoor gear, all made with self-reliance, adaptability and endurance in mind. Gerber supplies hunters and outdoorsmen with hunting tools including pruning kits, hunting kits, multi-tools and more. Gerber flashlights include hunting flashlights, hands-free flashlights, compact flashlights, search and rescue flashlights, and super bright flashlights. We stock the full range of Gerber gear and tools at the best prices around and all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customer service is second to none, and our product experts can answer all your questions about Gerber outdoor and camping gear.

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Specifications for Gerber Outdoor Sport Axe:

Overall Length: 14.21"
Blade Length: 2.72"
Weight: 21.40 oz.
Head: Forged Steele
Handle: Glass-Filled Nylon

Features of Gerber Sports Axe:

  • Forged steel head
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Glass-filled nylon handle

1-Gerber Sport Axe and Sheath

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Jedediah - Add Reply

This is a great axe. I've had one for years, you can chop wood, hammer in stakes, and even dig with it. It holds it's edge well and can be sharpened. There are many options out there, some with a multitude of options and features but at the end of the day sometimes you just need an axe that you know will hold up to anything you throw at it, this is that axe.

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