Review Kel-Tec Grip Extension For PF9 Magazine Best Rating

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These Magazine Extensions through the skilled product specialists at Kel-Tec are designed by using heavy duty and reliable materials, as a way to provide you with product that will be useful for quite some time. Designed utilizing some of the best accessible substances and engineering, these particular Magazine Extensions through the product specialists at Kel-Tec will last you an incredibly long time.

Kel-Tec has been developing top quality products for a number of years, and the Kel-Tec Grip Extension For PF9 Magazine is their very own way of demonstrating just how much they are concerned.

Right here at OpticsPlanet, we ensure that it is our responsibility to receive the perfect solution for all of your requirements, and showcasing the Kel-Tec Grip Extension For PF9 Magazine is a thing that we're delighted to offer.

86.5 /100
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Specifications for Kel-Tec Grip Extension For PF9 Magazine:

Type/color: Black
Size/finish: For pf-9
Material: Plastic
Other features: Extends grip replaces magazine plate

1-Kel-Tec Grip Extension For PF9 Magazine

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Benjamin - Add Reply

3-stars for this grip extension personally, because I have large hands (not medium, not X-Large). I find that my pinky finger scrapes on the bottom edge of this extension, which has a rough plastic texture and is annoying. Or, I have to jamb my pinky within the extension. I will have to sand and polish it to fit me better. Without the extension, my pinky is completely off the pistol's grip, if that gives a relative sizing comparison. I can place my pinky underneath the grip to get a better purchase, but that feels un-natural. As I grab the weapon, my pinky instinctively goes right to the bottom edge of the grip, so I have to either tuck it in, or tuck it under. Thus there is a slight pause to find the best grip for me. So for me this extension isn't the best option. I find that the +1 round extension magazine fits my pinky perfectly, and of course you get another round. If you have smaller hands, this would work well like most grip extensions, and I love them in general. Thus I recommend. I guess I am like the ugly step-sister though, who could not fit into Cinderella's glass slipper. I suppose in a pinch I wouldn't worry about the feel if I needed to use the weapon, and I get a good trigger pull, even if annoyed by the extension. At least it provides a place for the pinky. Range time however might be a little uncomfortable with this small "jumpy" pistol, and having to figure where to hold that pinky. I may even remove and give them away to someone who fits thi... Read More...

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