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The Meprolight KimPro Universal Sight Tool is designed to handle the installation of almost any Meprolight night sights onto almost any pistol or rifle. Get your sights installed right the first time, and avoid damage to your gun and your sights, with the Meprolight KimPro Sight Installation Tool. This is truly a universal sight tool - it will work beautifully with almost any common sidearm, including the Kimber 1911, Springfield XD, SIG, Glock, S&W, H&K, and many others. You can use the Meprolight KimPro Sight Tool to adjust windage on your rear sights, move the front dovetail, remove stuck sights, and install new ones. This durable sight tool can take plenty of abuse, and it's small and light enough to travel in the field or keep on-hand at teh shooting range. The Meprolight KimPro Universal Sight Adjustment Tool is the last sight adjustment tool you'll ever need!

89.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Meprolight 1001486A Universal Sight Installation Tool:

  • Works with almost any firearm - including Kimber, Springfield, SIG, Glock, S&W, H&K
  • Install new sights
  • Remove old sights - even tightly fitted or stuck sights (included manual will tell you which way to turn the sight, depending on your firearm)
  • Adjust windage, move front dovetail
  • Prevents slide from twisting - supports from 4 angles
  • Durable - takes abuse
  • Precision tool for precision gunsmithing
  • Ideal for gun enthusiasts, law enforcement armorers, more

1-MeproLight KIMPRO Universal Sight Installation Tool

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Thaddeus - Add Reply

I've used this slide to completely remove and instal Trijicon Night Sights on the following frames. Kimber 1911's, rear only wont do front's because of radius on slide HK USP compacts 9mm and .45acp front and rear Sig Sauer P290 front and rear Worked great on all of these frames. My initial unit was defective as it was missing a critical pin and the DVD had no audio. But Optic Planet took the return with no questions or hassles (Thank You). My second unit was correct and even had wrenches that my first was missing. The little foam pads on the metal parts that contact the slide will start to move on you and squish out because they have double sided tape securing them. So when mine get to bad I will probably just remove them entirely and put some leather squares on there. Other than that this was a much better option than buying multiple gun specific tools. Now I can adjust my point of impact at the range on shooting days. And unfortunately I have to do everyone else's as well, LOL. *Note* From everything I've heard if you have a Springfield XD you need to get a specific Springfield tool as their dovetails are so incredibly tight. So this may not work for you. Pros: Universal for any square slide

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Jennings - Add Reply

Not all slides are the same size. You may need to shim one side to get the slide in the middle of the tool so the slide is not canted. Other than this, great tool but wish they would make both sides adjustable. Pros: Easy to use and setup Cons: Slide can be off center due to one hozorizontal side not being adjustable

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Norris - Add Reply

Excellent piece of equipment Pros: easy to use

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Bernie - Add Reply

This is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to change their own sights. If you are a novice, just review the included instructional video and you'll be just as good as the expert gunsmith. Pros: excellent craftmanship, easy to use Cons: none

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Kevin - Add Reply

Easy to use worked well on the XD, Glock and Sig, but pricey. Pros: Easy to use worked well on the XD, Glock and Sig Cons: Kind of pricey.

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