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Camelbak HydroLink Tactical Pump, Max Gear 90589 refills reservoirs with ease. Operators no longer need to stop, remove their packs, and access their CamelBak reservoir pouch to fill back up. The Camelback In-Line Pump can also be used with Camelbak Hydration Systems like the HydroLink In-Line MicroFilter to provide safe drinking water. This Camelbak Hydration Accessory makes refilling a snap!

CamelBak makes military hydration systems for the soldier on the go. Camelbak Hydration Accessories add enormous flexibility to your hydration pack. Rugged construction means that CamelBak will last through even the roughest deployments. CamelBak is the originator and world leader in hands-free hydration systems. CamelBak's state-of-the-art water packs and hydration packs have benefited athletes, outdoorsmen, and soldiers around the world. We carry a big selection of Camelbak Hydration Systems, all backed by our usual high-quality customer service as well as our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction!

94.25 /100
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Features of Camelbak HydroLink Tactical Pump, Max Gear:

  • Refill water reservoir through the access tube without removing or opening the water pack

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Kody - Add Reply

I bought this pump to go with me on a 5 day hike on the Appalachain Trail. This pump performed flawless. It was really light wieght, and I stored it inside the CamelBak holder (not in the bladder). Its mesh bag makes this pump really nice to transport, and easy to pack away. The pump was easy and quick to use. The line is a soft material, so you have to make sure it doesnt kink - although it still works, its just slower. I used this pump everyday, about 3 times a day to fill 3.5 liters. I wont leave home without it. Pros: Light wieght, comes with mesh bag, easy to use, adjustable float, Cons: sometimes hard to work with 2 hands, line crimps easy

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