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Place your pistol in this Wheeler Universal Bench Block to easily make precise adjustments to ensure maximum performance in the field. Wheeler Engineering crafted this Gunsmithing Equipment from non-marring urethane that securely holds your weapon parts without damaging their finish. The Wheeler Universal Handgun Bench Block has several useful features to assist your gunsmithing process including hammer and sear pin removal holes, a rear sight drift channel, a front sight staking channel and so much more. Protect the quality of your firearm while you make critical adjustments to it using this Wheeler Universal Handgun Bench Block.

93.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Wheeler Universal Bench Block:

  • Made of non-marring urethane
  • Main spring removal recess and boss
  • Barrel link removal v channel
  • Rear sight drift channel and front sight staking channel
  • Hammer and sear pin removal holes
  • Ejector port dressing channel

1-Wheeler Universal Bench Block

  • PROS
  • Simple & Solid
  • easy design
  • Well made and functional
  • Cost for Value
  • CONS
  • one side only access for front sight pin
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Arnaldo - Add Reply

Not just for 1911s. Great for glocks and others as well. I find this block to be a handy bench companion. Any time I need a third hand or need to drive out a pin. Wish I had one made of a softer rubber to go along with it. Pros: light, durable, versatile, won't marr slides etc Cons: its small footprint can be both a pro and a con

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Graham - Add Reply

Worked great until I needed to come from the other side of the slide to reisert the front sight pin. But for this and many uses as I grow in the IPSC Sport it will serve me well. I am adding more words to appease the word geene.

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Johnnie - Add Reply

Great tool. Make 1911 disassemble job easily without scratching my pistol. I'll reccomend to my friend.

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Hilario - Add Reply

Wheeler Universal Bench Block help me to disassemble my 1911 style gun more easily and leave no scratch on my gun. This stuff can work well with other model of pistol as well as rifle and shotgun.

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Hyman - Add Reply

Used this block in a 1911 and XD Armorer's Course and worked great. Most holes are in the proper spot or with just a minor adjustment you can get them in the right spot. Only one minor snag, the area for the 1911 main spring housing is just a bit narrow on one side, will correct and open it a bit then should have no problems. Very useful for disassembly and assembly of 1911 and XD's.

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Gus - Add Reply

If you have a pistol or handgun and want to have a proper tool to help you to get gun pins out, this is the best choice talking about cost and benefits. This bench block works perfect on my 1911 and I also use it on my Glock.

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Stan - Add Reply

Unique feature bench block that make 1911 job more easily!!!

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Shawn - Add Reply

Works great. The block material is firmer than I expected but actually works better as a result. You can pound on it pretty hard and it doesn't deform. Even used it on a trigger replacement job for a bolt action rifle and it worked just as well for that as it did for pistols. Great value for the price and there is no one better than Optics Planet on the order fulfillment and shipping side of the transaction!

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Erick - Add Reply

This item made gunsmith job to be easy job that you can do by yourself. Try!! and you will love it.

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Ole - Add Reply

Handy tool to have for your gunsmithing needs. Quality made block its very solid. Only reason for 4 stars is I had to remove some burs from a few places but was no big deal, Would buy again. Great price from Optics Planet.

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Brady - Add Reply

Have not had a chance to use this bemch block as yet, but it will be used hard when I start working on a couple 1911 slides later this week. Will be very handy with planned detail work. I've been wanting one of these bench blocks for several years but just got around to picking one up. Ordered and received in the same week

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Chaim - Add Reply

Very essential item if you want to do your own smithing of your hand guns. Well made and I feel reasonably priced product. Durable non marring block material will not ruin the finish on your weapon. Its perfect for drifting pins to replace components or for a total disassembly of your firearm.

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Raoul - Add Reply

I bought this to use when I need to remove pins and whatnot from my pistols. It's better than a block of wood or roll of masking tape! It's made of a hard polymer and is lightweight but dense and sturdy. No doubt that this will work as advertised!

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