Review Leapers UTG Tactical Green Laser Sight SCP-LS169 Best Rating

Leapers UTG Tactical Green Laser Sight SCP-LS169 produces a bright green laser beam that is extremely visible. The Leapers Deluxe Tactical Green Laser Sight features an integrated mounting deck, elevation adjustment, windage adjustment, and an extremely durable enclosure.

90.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Leapers UTG Tactical Green Laser Sight SCP LS169:

  • Innovative Design with TS Platform and SSS Structure for Most Durable and Responsive Internal Adjustments
  • Clear and Extra Bright Green Laser Beam, Accommodates Wider Range of Cold and Warm Temperatures
  • Precise and Wide Range Windage and Elevation Adjustments for All Firearms
  • Capable of Long Distance Aiming With Instant Target Lock Technology for Maximum Shooting Performance
  • Universal Integral Mounting Deck to Install on Military Standard Picatinny/Weaver Rails
  • Ambidextrous Push Button Switch and Remote Pressure Switch
  • Powered by One 3V Lithium Battery with Most Compact and Tactical Design
  • Great Quality and Long Lasting Lifetime for Extended Use on Wide Range of Firearms Under the Most Demanding Environments
  • Hard Anodized Finish for Wear Resistance
  • Tin Metal Case for Storage

1-Leapers UTG Tactical Green Laser Sight SCP-LS169

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Clement - Add Reply

Set up was very easy. The cable for the switch is a little long for were I set the laser but the length would be required for some applications. This light is highly visible in both day and night conditions. Pros: Easy to set up.

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Rogelio - Add Reply

About the only improvement that could be made would be to reduce the size, although this will probably in the future, as well as reducing the price. Pros: Easy to install, particulary like the addition of a push button switch (in addition to the remote pressure pad or twisting the end cap to activate). Gives off bright green bem not obstructed by smoky conditions (indoor shooting range). Cons: none

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Dorian - Add Reply

The Leapers Laser has an outstanding laser that penetrates the dark of night with great distance...

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Chet - Add Reply

I bought one for my M&P-22, I like it so much I bought another one for my tactical shotgun. Really visible during daylight hours. For the price it's a nice unit, easy to install, easy to zero. Real happy with it. Pros: bright, easy set up

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Carmine - Add Reply

I purchased one for my SW MP 15-22. It fit the picatinny rails perfectly. Sighting in took maybe 30 seconds. Very sturdy. Very nice looking. Visibility is excellent. I will probably be using it for 25 to 50 yard target practicing. It came with a pressure switch but I won't be using it because I just don't need that for a 22lr plinking gun. If you need a nice laser for your 22lr, this would be a definite choice. It is too long for pistols. I did not put this on a high power rifle but if you wanted it should work fine there too. Pros: Durability, look, feel, quality, construction

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Valentin - Add Reply

I recommend also the LP-T8-MNT-BR005S SINGLE BARREL-RAIL MOUNT... Pros: W0W what a beam.. Cons: haven't found any yet...

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Tito - Add Reply

Good solid construction. Good fit.I would give it 5 Star if you had a button to activate it instead of having to turn a knob. You get a pressure sensor but sometimes you just want to permanently activate it without turning a knob.

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Gage - Add Reply

Easily visible at 12pm at 40 yards and at night 1/3 of a mile easy with various lights poles between. I would reccomend to anyone and this is mounted to my AR-15 Pros: bright, very installation, windage and elevation adjustments Cons: size, finish is easy to scratch, no push button for constant on

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