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The Dark Ops X-8 LED Tactical Flashlight is a shock-isolated weapon mountable entry light that can endure the pounding of large caliber automatic weapons fire. With an astonishing output of 150 lumens, the Storm lighter X8 LED Weapon Light is the brightest 6 volt weapon lights in the world. Constructed of the world's toughest materials, with an impact bezel made from 6160 through hardened aluminum, and tested in the battle zones of Baghdad and south-central Los Angeles, the Dark Ops X8 has the proven reliability required for lethal environments.

89.5 /100
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Specifications for Dark Ops X8 Tactical Flashlight:

Length: 5.875"
Width Head: 1.5"
Width Body: 1.0" Nominal
Weight: 6.5 oz
Material: Mil Std 6061 511 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, Body functions as heat sink.
Lamp: Xenon/Halogen/Argon High Intensity vapor-sealed, incandescent High Temperature Filament Bulb.
Wattage: 6.5 watts
Voltage: 6 Volts Nominal, 7.2 volts in rechargeable mode.
Output: 150 Lumens/115 Lumens Rechargeable
Runtime: To 1 hour, dependent on battery performance.
Lamp Mounting: Permanent Soldered, Spring Isolated Shock resistant on weapon axis to 1250G.
Lens: Optical Grade Borosilicate Glass, Iridium coated for 5500k daylight equivalent beam.
Reflector: Parabolic Shaped silver halide coated over etch-stippled finish to eliminate filament ring shadows.
Remote Switch: Pressure pad, waterproof 6 and 12 inch cable, replaces tail cap.
Power source: (2) CR123 series Lithium Batteries Rechargeable, (1)3.7 volt 2400MA battery..

Features of HX8 Tactical light:

  • Constructed of airplane grade aluminum
  • Iinterrogator lock out bezel
  • All interior surfaces are anodized for corrosion resistance
  • 150 Lumens output on fresh batteries and 1 hour life of constant use depending on battery life
  • Uses two CR123 series 3 volt lithium batteries or one 6 volt lithium battery stick
  • The switch offers momentary and constant on positions.

1-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
2-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
3-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
4-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
5-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
6-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
7-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
8-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight
9-Dark Ops x8 Tactical Flashlight

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Kendrick - Add Reply

This flashlight is certainly worth the money. When I was looking for a tactical flashlight, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. However, I didn't want a cheap light that wasn't bright either. I found the Hellfighter x8 and decided it would fit my needs. Upon receiving the product, I found it is very well made, the glass breaker is a nice touch, and the light is very bright. I have not had a chance to test out the battery life just yet. The flashlight also fits well in my Daniel Defense offset light mount for my AR15. For someone who wants a lot of flashlight for not a lot of money, this is it. Pros: Cost, Brightness, Feel

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Khalid - Add Reply

Bright light. Solid construction. Heavy. Pros: price Cons: no features

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Camren - Add Reply

This was my first tactical flashlight purchase, but I often use varying flashlights for camping, hiking, etc. This was an excellent purchase, and the best price I could find online. Excellent turn around time and service! Pros: Good battery life. Excellent durability Cons: Only one brightness setting

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