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Olight M20 Warrior R2 Premium Flashlights OM20OP are tough, versatile and multi-functional. These easy to operate Olight Flashlights are carefully honed weapons of war. Even as the soldiers they are made for. The M-20 Warrior Premium R2 from Olight has a rugged body structure, a stainless steel striking bezel and multiple functions. The blindingly bright strobe light can disorient your enemies Along with the strobe, the Olight M20 Warrior R2 provide multiple output levels making this flashlight all the lighting tool you need in the battlefield or on the job. The Olight M20 Warrior Flashlight is also a great tool to have for your personal protection. Use the blinding 250 lumens light and crenellated striking bezel on either end to add effectiveness if the need for self-defense should arise.

92.25 /100
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Specifications for Olight Flashlights M20 Warrior Premium OM20-OP:

Light Emitter: Cree XR-E R2 (Premium)
Max Output: 250 lumens
Runtime: High (250 lumens) 4 hrs, Med (90 lumens) 12 hrs, Low (7 lumens) 150 hrs, Strobe (250 lumens)
Power: 2xCR123A, 2xRCR123A, 2x16340, 1x18650, or 1x17670
Housing Diameter: 24.8mm/1"
Bezel Diameter: 33.5mm/1.3"
Length: 140mm/5.5"
Weight: 120.5g
Water Resistant: Yes
Body: Aluminum, Anti-scratching Type III Hard Anodization Olive

Features of Olight Flashlight R2 M-20 Warrior Premium:

  • World-class super bright Cree XR-E R2 (Premium)
  • Throws 250 meters
  • Tactical momentary-on forward switch
  • Three digitally controlled constant brightness levels and strobe
  • Auto memorization of specific function for instant access
  • Linear functional adjustment for easy change of functions
  • Front removable stainless steel striking bezel and rear striking bezel, removable for daily use, installable for close quarter combat
  • Superior heat sink that disperses heat to protect LED and electrical components
  • Ergonomic design with solid structure for easy operation
  • Full orange peel reflector and perfectly centered light source for flawless beam with the longest shot
  • Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III Hard Anodization
  • Cutting-edge reverse polarity protection, with the right batteries, you can leave them in the wrong direction for extended period, it will not burn the circuit
  • Strong lanyard with quick release for easy access
  • Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F
  • Water proof
  • Anti-shatter, anti-scratch, anti-slip ultra clear lens
  • Lock-out function to prevent accidental activation
  • Metal ‘cigar hold’ ring optimally positioned to offer additional anti-roll properties and is pre-installed but removable for smoother body hold
  • Engineered anti-slip body texture to give you a firm, tight grip
  • Built-in steel pocket clip
  • Advanced digital power management system for constant, even brightness through entire battery life
  • Battery magazine to prevent 2xCR123A batteries from rattling in the battery tube

1-Olight M20 Warrior R2 Premium Flashlight
2-Olight M20 Warrior R2 Premium Flashlight

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Fred - Add Reply

The manufacture's description of this product seems spot on in all regards, I won't repeat them. However, I will re-iterate that the strobe is debilitating. I used it on myself in a mirror and was shocked at how blinding and disorienting it really was. The only problems I found were the carrying options, battery types, and manufacturer support. The holster (which is high quality as well) stuck out to far from my belt. This lead me to use the belt clip, but I'm always paranoid that it's going to fall off and become lost. This may be more of a problem with me, but is an issue non-the-less. The batteries, although not "household standards" such as AA or AAA, are still easily found at any store that carries camera batteries, which are most stores. The flashlight also uses multiple types of similar batteries, which eases the problem. In my experience, these battery types are pricey; battery life remains to be seen. Lastly, Olight themselves seem to lack customer service. I contacted them several weeks ago to inquire about where to purchase replacement Cree LEDs for the light should I need one, and they never contacted me back. In closing, if you're looking for a well-made, feature-rich light for everyday use and self defense, this torch seems like a good option. Pros: Quality construction, smooth light beam Cons: Uses non-"household standard" battery types

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