Review FOURSEVENS Mini ML-X 252 Lumens Flashlight Best Rating

The FOURSEVENS Mini 252 Lumens Lightweight Flashlights ML-X are perfect everyday carry lights with a simple twist interface. Durable construction and ample knurling for a sure grip make this Light from Foursevens up for any challenge. Like all FOURSEVENS light, FOURSEVENS MLX Flashlight Minis use the latest in LED technology to achieve incredible brightness for their size.

95 /100
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Specifications for FOURSEVENS Mini Ml-x Flashlight:

Length: 2.3 inches
Body diameter: 0.8 inches
Head diameter: 0.8 inches
Weight (without batteries): 0.6 oz
LED Emitter: CREE XM-L
Voltage range: 0.9V-3V
Spot Beam: Angle
Flood Beam: Angle
Brightness Levels: Low
Special Modes: Strobe, SOS, Beacon Hi, Beacon Lo
Reflector: Textured
Body Material: Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Bezel Material: Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Lens Material: Optical-grade glass lens with antireflective coating on both sides
Included Accessories: Battery, lanyard, split ring for keychain attachment, spare o-ring

Features of FOURSEVENS Mini Ml-x Flashlight:

  • Pulse-Width Modulation
  • Reverse-Polarity Protection

1-FOURSEVENS Mini ML-X 252 Lumens Flashlight
2-FOURSEVENS Mini ML-X 252 Lumens Flashlight

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Miguel - Add Reply

This is a great light, especially for the size. It's super light and small. Barely noticeable in your pocket so, great for daily carry. However, it is a small lump that sits in the bottom of your pocket against your change and other stuff and harder to retrieve. A deep carry pocket clip would be the best accessory. It's too big in my opinion for key chain carry but then again I only carry keys on my key chain. It has the rarely used modes safely hidden so you don't have to cycle through them every time. I would like the med to be a little brighter as I think it's to close to low and too big a difference to high. I find myself going to high which is too bright most of the time because med is too low and it does get hot after being on high for more than a few minutes. Low is best for night adapted eyes indoors. Overall, for the sale price, I would buy another and reccommend to others. Pros: Size, weight, total light output. Cons: No clip

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Jackson - Add Reply

I can't believe how much light this tiny flashlight produces! Truly key-chain size. I only wish I could go straight to High without cycling through Lo and Medium. I think I'll buy a few more for Christmas presents.

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Moses - Add Reply

Great light - super bright, easy to carry. Great customer service. I had broken the ring by torquing it in my pocket and a quick email to the company they sent replacement parts delivered free within 3 days. I have now purchased one for each member of the family.

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Gussie - Add Reply

This is a nice little light. I thought the like was a little bigger. As far as the output of the beam it's really not bad for a light this size. It's small enough to keep in your pocket and you won't notice it's there. You have to turn the head to select the brightest level you want.

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